Éamane Feiniel

Mirkwood Ambassador and Newly Converted Loremistress

Eamane Feiniel
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An independent minded, mercurial silvan elf from Mirkwood, Eámanë had never desired to either deal with the subtleties of court as a handmaid or settle down as a housewife.

She wished to see the world and serve alongside her father Herolin and brother Mablung, both wardens of the ward. However, thought ladies might be taught how to fight for self-defence or sport, actually joining the army is not an option.

Frustrated, Eámanë saw her chance to do some soul-searching - as well as something exciting with her life- when Mablung was assigned to be a part of the escort of a messenger heading to Rivendell. It took her some pleading, but she was able to receive permission to spend some time abroad.

In Imladris, by an irony of fate she found herself as a part of a quest for Lord Elrond. Her dream had come true- only it was much different than she had originally envisioned. Discomfort, danger, near-death experiences, wariness- it all sounded so much better in the tales...

It was also during that trip that she began to feel attracted to lord Erestor, her travelling companion, tutor and friend. Which was a problem, considering the differences of rank and status. Shortly after the ill-fated quest Eámanë returned to Mirkwood and never looked back.

Up till the day she found herself accompanying Lord Legolas back to the Dell, to inform about the escape of the creature Gollum...

Eámanë is played by me.